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Yamaha Logo Font

The font used in the Yamaha logo is referred to as “Yamaha” in this text. Yamaha is a Japanese multinational corporation and conglomerate predominantly known as a manufacturer of motorcycles, musical instruments, sports and audio/visual equipment. Yamaha company was first seen in 1887 as a Nippon Gakki Co. Ltd. Later its name changed in 1955 asa Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd. According to 2017 company offers a wide range of products in more than 100 countries under the Yamaha brand name. Therefore, Almost all of us have heard of or seen this brand in our life for sure. As a result, many designers looking forward to the font family that was used in the logo of Yamaha.

Yamaha Font Family

The current Yamaha logo typeface (version 2) was designed by Motoko Sakurai of Wacoal Art Center. The logo typeface is custom made for Yamaha and not publicly available. The closest font we can find for Yamaha logo is Swiss 911 Extra Compressed, which is a commerical grotesque sans serif font available in 260 glyphs. However, if you purchase its commercial license for $29, you may use it in a variety of contexts. For example, creating a logo, book layout, headlines, banners, and so on.

Yamaha Font View

yamaha font

Alternative Font

As we know, Yamaha custom designed for this brand and not publicly available. So not having a readymade option is totally understandable. However, there are some other fonts that resemble the logo typeface of yamaha as mentioned above. Therefore, you can choose any one from those alternatives as your desired font to design accordingly. Here we listed some alternative fonts based on Swiss 911 Extra.


At the end, make sure to use the same font family in your Yamaha logo design. If you are using any one of alternatives mentioned above, make sure everything is set up correctly like kerning and tracking etc. For example, the gap between letters (kerning) should be equal everywhere. So choose according to your liking and let us know you also follow us on Tumblr.

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